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Step into a world of comfort and luxury with RainPalm & RainPearl Residence. These spacious apartments are fitted with premium finishes and amenities, offer you the ultimate urban living experience. Nestled in the heart of the city, you’re just moments away from Hulhumale’ Central Park. Discover modern urban living at its finest.

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About us

We are a subsidiary of Rainbow Group carrying out sales and marketing of real estate and property management. Since 2011, we have carried out sales and marketing of 7 real estate projects and successfully handed over 500+ apartments to buyers. In 2018, we expanded our scope to include property management services for condominiums and commercial buildings. Our association with Rainbow Group uniquely positions us to utilize the group’s broad experience to enhance our services and facilitate the delivery of apartments in Hulhumale’.

Real Estate Milestones
Years of Industry Experience
Actively Managing Apartments
Residential Condominiums Completed
Condominium Property Management
Apartments Handed over to Buyers

Property management

Our property management team oversees more than 5 residential condominiums in the Greater Male Area. We provide comprehensive facility management services, assisting condominium owners with long-term property management and maintenance. Our primary services include synchronized administration, security, and technical services, all designed to enhance residents’ quality of life and maintain the property’s value.

Property Management Service, Pool Cleaning

subsidiaries & Associated Companies

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