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Property Management

Our property management team currently carry’s out the maintenance for 5+ residential condominiums in the Greater Male’ Area. Our scope is structured to provide a property and its residents with all facility management-related services under one umbrella. Our goal with synchronized administration, security, technical, and soft services is to provide residents of the property with an exciting new experience.

MVR 1.5 B+
Value of building's under Property Management
Building's Property Management
Years of Industry Experience



On Site Supervisors

We provide a dedicated onsite supervisor who will act as a mediator between the owners and the property management company. Our onsite supervisors have the ability to identify volatile situations and quickly react to them appropriately. They guide security officers, janitorial staff, and general maintenance staff.

They figure out the most important problems and issues that the residents face every day and share that information with the relevant stakeholders. 

Security Officers

Our security officers are primarily ex-military from Nepal. Their discipline and ability to respond to various situations mean they are suited to provide security for medium- to large-sized properties. We also provide our security staff with a strict security SOP. The basics of our SOP are standardized throughout all our properties, but small adjustments can be made depending on the owner’s specifications.

Janitorial services

Our janitorial staff are all multi-functional and have a good understanding of the ins and outs of a property’s requirements regarding its maintenance and upkeep. Our janitorial staff’s are self-sufficient and are capable of problem solving. This is ideal because one can never predict the problems that may arise in a property.

General maintenance service

Our management and maintenance team is comprised of specialized individuals with a good understanding of the properties’ MEP services as per the as built drawings. This will allow for a quick response in regard to electrical or plumbing issues in a property’s common areas or facilities. Our general maintenance team will also provide quick fixes for minor electrical or plumbing issues inside apartments. They will have the ability to analyze and determine whether it is an issue that can be rectified by them or whether it requires a more skilled set of hands.

Administrative Services

As with any medium- to large-sized property, there are many components that require third-party service providers. Such components include lifts, fire safety systems, building fire insurance, utility services for common areas, and pool pumps when applicable.

Due to our experience and prior relationships with the leading third-party service providers in the country, we can ensure that a property will get the best service. When it comes to annual maintenance contracts and insurance premiums, we can ensure that we will be able to negotiate the best price for the service. Our administrative service entails that we will communicate and mediate with the aforementioned third-party service providers to ensure that the owner’s investment is protected and well secured.

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