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Please fill in the below form and attach the required documents.
Please fill in the below form and attach the required documents.
Section 1: Personal Information
Enter your personal and contact information.
Full Name
Date of Birth
Present Address
Permanent Address
Contact Number
Primary Email
Secondary Email
Section 2: Income Declaration
Enter your own income details below.
Place of Employment
Monthly Salary (MVR)
Re-payment of existing loans/debts
Other Income Sources
Total Income (MVR)
Section 3: Apartment Preference
Enter your preferred apartments in order of your preference.
Apartment Preference
Section 4: Financing
Enter your financing details below.
Preferred Bank
Advance Payment (Percentage)


Section 5: Required Documents
Attach the following required documents.
Bank Statement
*12 months bank statement
Income Details
*Salary slips, rental agreements, business income documents etc.
Other Documents
Note: The uploaded bank statement should show the funds required for the commitment fee payment. Salary slips are not necessary if they are reflected in the bank statement. You can upload multiple bank statements. If you plan to collateralize your pension towards the commitment fee, please upload a screenshot of the pension account showing the collaterizable amount.
Section 6: Other Participants
Select the number of other participants and fill in their details.
Total Income of All Participants (MVR)
Section 7: Additional Information

Application Forms are processed and reviewed by an internal committee and bookings will be awarded to applicants within 30 days at the discretion of Rainland Developers Pvt Ltd.

Upon award of bookings to applicants, a payment of MVR 50,000 will be collected as a booking fee and the letter of intent will be signed immediately upon confirmation. Self-financing clients must honor payments as per the payment schedule or own proposed schedule and settle fully before handover.

All the sales and marketing activity related to the sales of will be carried out by Rainland Developers Pvt Ltd. All Legal Agreements of customers will be made with . By submitting this application, I hereby state that all information provided above regarding the purchase of an apartment from is true and complete.

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