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Breaking Ground: RainPalm and RainPearl Construction Begins

Breaking Ground: RainPalm and RainPearl Construction Begins

Rainbow Construction has begun building Rainbow Group’s new residential projects in Hulhumale’, RainPalm Residence, and RainPearl Residence. The construction started in October 2023, two months after the public launch. This swift start shows Rainbow Group’s dedication to timely project delivery.

RainPalm and RainPearl have undergone preliminary stages, including site clearance and pile shoring erection. We’ve set up a steel shed yard, a carpentry yard, and rest shades for workers. We’ve installed site fences, gates, project boards, and lighting. Excavation at RainPalm Residence is done to the approved level, and RainPearl Residence is fully completed.

RainPearl Residence is slightly ahead of RainPalm in progress. The construction team finished the batching plant foundation and Tower Crane Foundation and started the lean concrete and block work.

In February 2024, the team planned and completed most tasks for RainPearl. Site Mobilization and lean concrete for the raft foundation are done, and reinforcement bar fixing for the raft foundation is underway.

Our structure team is focused on their main task: completing the buildings’ structure. They aim to complete it swiftly without compromising our high quality standards.

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